This page includes a list of all Optintegral deliverables and access to download the public ones:
Num. Deliverable name Lead Participant Type Dissemination level
1.1 Displays specifications and conceptual designs MEGATEX R CO
1.2 3D models of in-mold integrated optical modules NEO R CO
1.3 Displays development report HOL R CO
2.1 Flexible opto-electronics prototypes VTT DEM CO
2.2 Design protocol for plastic optics in hybrid in-mould integration of TOLAE displays SNELL R CO
2.3 In-mould integration process development EURECAT R CO
3.1 Manufacturing quality test report LUMY R CO
3.2 Displays functional test report HOL R CO
3.3 Energy efficiency results analysis VTT R CO
4.1 Demo plan LUMY R CO
4.2 OptIntegral value chain management procedures EURECAT R CO
4.3 OptIntegral Demonstrators NEO DEM CO
4.4 OptIntegral displays impact on the advertisement sector UBATH R PU
4.5 Key Findings from the demonstrators and needs for further research EURECAT R PU
5.1 Pilot manufacturing lines plan EURECAT R CO
5.2 Pilot manufacturing chains performance report NEO DEM CO
5.3 Industrialisation and Replication Protocol EURECAT R CO
6.1 Report on existing standards and standardization landscape AENOR R CO
6.2 Life Cycle Assessment report EURECAT R CO
6.3 End-of-life (EoL): Re-use and recyclability report EURECAT R CO
6.4 Report on the interaction with the standardization system and future standardization proposals AENOR R CO
6.5 Analysis of the outcomes of the Innovation Management task EURECAT R CO
7.1 Project Public Webpage EURECAT DEC PU
7.2 Dissemination plan: policy and calendar of main dissemination events EURECAT R CO
7.3 Plan of use and dissemination of results (PUDR) I SNELL R CO
7.4 Public communication materials EURECAT DEC PU
7.5 Plan use and dissemination of results (PUDR) II SNELL R CO
7.6 Final communication materials EURECAT DEC PU
7.7 Final PUDR and Exploitation Agreement SNELL R CO
7.8 Business case viability analysis SNELL R CO
7.9 Validated training blocks EURECAT R CO
8.1 Setting-up Procemm collaborative Platform EURECAT DEC CO
8.2 Project Management Plan EURECAT R CO
8.3 First Risk Management report EURECAT R CO
8.4 Second Risk Management report EURECAT R CO

R: Document, report (excluding the periodic and final reports)

DEM: Demonstrator, pilot, prototype, plan designs

DEC: Websites, patents filing,   press & media actions, videos, etc.

OTHER: Software, technical diagram, etc.

Dissemination levels:

PU= Public

CO= Confidential only for members of the consortium (including the Commission Services).