OptIntegral Explotaible Products

OptIntegral delivered 3 exploitable products, which are distinguished in terms of architecture, functional performance, and target customer segment.

Back-light display

High-resolution 2D display wall for larger viewing area (up to 160 degrees), with lower thickness and weight, and efficient light and lower power consumption.

Market Applications: advertising, information displays, large venue, events, TV studios.

3D display

A new high-density, glasses-free 3D LED wall display applying novel lens design and manufacturing technology, achieving an innovative visual tool for large-scale digital signage and with a lower power consumption.

Market Applications: digital signage, advertising, architecture, large venue events.

Light pipe display and flexible RGB display

Improved Light Guide display and Flexible RGB lighting, for large areas, with lower production costs and higher flexibility due to the reduced thickness enabled by over-moulding and in roll-to-roll technology.

Market Applications: transportation vehicles, architecture, general lightning.