Scientific publications

Writing publications is an important strategy to engage with academia researching in the field of TOLAE, as well as to gain recognition and acknowledgement as experts in a particular field at national and international levels. During the project, partners have published the following publications:

Journal of Mining and Geological Sciences

Article “Display Measurement System” by Kasimir Velinov from LumyComp published in the Journal of Mining and Geological Sciences, Vol. 60, Part II, Mechanization, electrification and automation in mines, 2017.

Paper for 2017 IMAPS Nordic Conference

“R2R process for integrating LEDs on flexible substrate” published in 2017 IMAPS Nordic Conference on Microelectronics Packaging (NordPac) by E. Juntunen, S. Ihme, A. Huttunen, J. T. Mäkinen from VTT.

Paper in BulLight 2017 

“Informative and advertisement 2D, 3D and flexible large-scale displays developed by the OptIntegral Consortium” by Alexander Balevsky and Krasimira Ivanova from LumyComp. Page 108.