Specific technological objectives

Design protocols

To develop the design protocols for plastic optics to be integrated with flexible lighting electronics with injection over-moulding.

Advertisement displays demonstrators

To develop three groups of advertisement displays demonstrators: back-lighted, light-pipe and glasses-free 3D

Pilot manufacturing lines

To set up three pilot manufacturing lines at the display manufacturers production facilities


To test and validate the reproducibility and yield of 90% of the in-mould embedding process for TOLAE displays manufacturing

Test and validation

To test and validate the performance, robustness and encapsulation of the novel OptIntegral large area advertisement displays demonstrators

Three products will be the technological demonstrators of the potential for TOLAE-based innovative products. The three demonstrators are distinguished in terms of architecture, functional performance, and target customer segment, as follows:

Technological demonstrators development

Back-lighted display (B-display)

Low cost displays: For retail.

Light-pipe display (LP-display)

Ultra-thin, ultra-light and flexible: For Transportation.

Direct (no glasses) 3D displays

Dynamic and affordable displays: For hospitality.