Work Plan

Project activities are distributed into 8 Work Packages along 36 months.

WP1 - WP2: TOLAE displays development & Hybrid in-mould integration process

OptIntegral workplan consists of developing novel displays in WP1 with architectures and concepts linked to the novel hybrid integration manufacturing process, which is developed in WP2, for displays prototypes manufacturing.

WP3 - WP4: Prototypes testing and validation & Demonstration

The prototypes will be tested and validated at lab level in WP3, to be then demonstrated in real environments in WP4.

WP5: Pilot manufacturing lines

The hybrid in-mold integration procedures will be transferred from the lab to the pilot scale in WP5, setting manufacturing lines at the display manufacturers facilities. This will contribute to the manufacturing capacity building while allowing the identification of the key features for easy replication of the OptIntegral process to other TOLAE applications.

WP6: Environmental and Innovation management

WP6 addresses environmental studies (LCA and recyclability studies) and innovation activities: standardisation surveillance and contribution and the implementation of proper innovation management procedures.

WP7: Exploitation, Dissemination and Social Impact

WP7 deals with the exploitation of the results, IPR management, dissemination, training, communication and assessment of the social impact of the novel project results.

WP8: Project management

WP8 covers the project management activities, such as technical and financial management.