OptIntegral Project Results Available on Video

All OptIntegral training videos are now available on the project’s website and YouTube channel for professions aiming at learning more about Optintegral’s novel technological processes for LED-displays manufacturing. Videos aim to be useful materials to disseminate the project results and acquired knowledge in the fields of flexible optoelectronics manufacturing, hybrid in-mould integration procedures of plastic optics within photonic components and optics’ design and management.

Videos have been produced with the collaboration of project partners VTT, UNE, Snell Optics, LumyComp and Eurecat, who coordinated the content and ensured that materials included only contents and visual materials validated with the consortium in an overall exploitation strategy.

The training videos were first launched in blocks as a series of two webinars delivered throughout the months of December and January to industry actors, professionals and society at large. In order to disseminate further the acquired knowledge on the processes, techniques and outcomes of the project and reach an even larger audience, partners transformed these materials in separate training videos open to everybody interested.

See below the list of all available training videos:

Flexible Optoelectronics Manufacturing

Presented by Eveliina Juntunen, Senior Scientist from VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.

Introduction to flexible electronics manufacturing. In this video the concept of flexible electronics and optoelectronics is detailed and the different manufacturing techniques for OLED technology explained, including the latest advances in roll-to-roll manufacturing, new materials, hybrid system integration and printing technologies.


LED Management and Measurement in TOLAE Applications

Presented by Alexander Balevsky, R&D Manager of LumyComp

Introduction to the different electronic and mechanical parameters to be considered in LED module design for TOLAE displays. Information on the features recommended measuring while developing LED displays to properly assess the display performance is given.


The Role of Standardization in TOLAE Displays Market

Presented by Pablo Mayor de Bergia, Engineer at UNE.

Introduction to the standards related to TOLAE displays including an explanation about the situation in the European context and the measures to put in place for ensuring a positive impact of these technologies in the society. During this video, details concerning standardization in Europe, the main benefits and procedures related to TOLAE display are detailed.


Hybrid in-Mould Integration Procedures for TOLAE Applications

Presented by Enric Pascual, Researcher from Eurecat.

Introduction to different in-mould injection processes, from the In-Mould Labelling (IML) to the In-Mould Electronics (IME) passing through the In-Mould Decoration (IMD). Description of the challenges of the injection moulding process of optical parts with real examples developed during OptIntegral project.


The Potential of Plastic Optics for TOLAE Applications

Presented by Cristina Garcia, Researcher from Snell Optics.

Video about the potential advantages of using Optical Polymer Components in Photonics Devices. Main features of the manufacture of optical polymer components are described together with the advantages and applications of plastic optic lenses. In addition, the specific design processes of these optical components and they application in TOLAE LED displays are detailed.



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