OptIntegral Team Launches Two Training Webinars

OptIntegral project partners have prepared a series of two training webinars to disseminate the project results and share the knowledge acquired during the project development. The webinars are open for everybody interested to attend upon registration.

The first webinar titled as Flexible Optoelectronics and LED Management in TOLAE Applications” focuses on optoelectronics manufacturing, LED management and the role of standardization in TOLAE displays market. The objective of this webinar is to share and transfer some of the knowledge related to these topics in order to continue boosting the innovation in this area.

The webinar will consist of three separate sections, each of them presented by one OptIntegral partner. The webinar will count with a presentation on “Flexible Optoelectronics Manufacturing” by VTT, a presentation on “LED Management and Measurement in TOLAE Applications” given by LumyComp and a section on “The Role of Standardization in TOLAE Displays Market” by UNE. The webinar will be coordinated and hosted by Eurecat.

The second webinar planned, “Hybrid in-Mould Integration of Optoelectronics within Plastic Optics”, has the objective to share and transfer knowledge related to the hybrid in-mould integration of optoelectronics within plastic optics to continue boosting the innovation in this area. Attendees will learn about the different injection moulding techniques and the potential advantages of using optical polymer components in photonic devices and its applications in TOLAE LED displays.

The webinar is divided in two different topics, “Hybrid in-Mould Integration Procedures for TOLAE Applications”, presented by Eurecat and a presentation on “The Potential of Plastic Optics for TOLAE Applications” by Snell Optics. As the first webinar, Eurecat will be responsible for the coordination and hosting the session.

Once both webinars are delivered, partners’ presentations will be made available as training videos in the project’s YouTube Channel for anybody interested in learning more about the different topics addressed.

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