OptIntegral at TOLAE 2017 Industrial Workshop

OptIntegral partners participated this week at the industrial workshop “Thin, Organic and Large Area Electronics Technologies” (TOLAE 2017). The event, which took place at Fraunhofer IWS’ facilities in Dresden on October 24-25, served as a meeting point for the consortiums of EU-funded projects working on the development of the TOLAE technologies and a great seminar for everybody interested in this emerging electronics technology.

During the workshop, partners from each of the consortiums attending gave an overview of the latest results of their project. OptIntegral’s VTT and Eurecat representatives presented on the R2R hybrid integration process and the industrial integration of printed electronics via injection molding, both techniques developed in the framework of the project.

Other projects that participated in the workshop were ALABO, LOMID, LORIX, LUMENTILE, PiScae, ROLL-OUT, TransFlexTeg and SmartEEs.

TOLAE is an emerging technology forming the basis for advanced products in large area electronics applicable in multiple sectors such as the textile, automotive, health, paper, plastic, advertising or construction industries.

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