Scope Of Work Real 3D Display

Project Detail

Holografika is a Hungarian venture active in the field of emerging photonic technologies. The company invented and developed a proprietary light-field technology in glasses-free 3D visualisation, including real 3D display devices, software applications, cameras and 3D data compression solutions and holds several patents and trademarks.
The company has developed and been selling its proprietary 3D HoloVizio displaying systems since 2004.
In the last couple of years the company finished the development of its large-scale rear- and front projection systems and recently a full-angle 30” monitor-style display as well.
These HoloVizio equipment have been demonstrated and sold all over the world.
Holografika has been involved in several R&D projects funded by Hungarian National Programs and European Union’s Framework Program FP6 and FP7. The R&D activities focus on developing next generation holographic 3D displays and inherent 3D applications in different fields of industries e.g. health, car-design, broadcasting, etc. The company established important partnerships and cooperation with large international players like BAE Systems, Shell, Peugeot-Citroen, Renault, Technicolor, Philips, Videoton, Sony, Samsung and important European IT companies and institutes like CRS4, CS, Inria and several universities and institutes all over the world.
Above projects and development work can only be carried out by those enthusiastic people: an international team of software engineers, optical engineers, hardware developers, holographers, who by now have acquired interdisciplinary skills all linked to real 3D. This knowledge allows the team to implement this pioneer development, which has a good chance to establish the future standard for a 3D light-field platform.