Project Detail

Bright business for over 40 years


It was settled in the army Helsinki Kaj reads a newspaper notice: “Airam searching for the two younger neonasentajaa.”

Kaj leaves with his friend Airamille. Job interview took place in a concise discussion:
“Studaatteko korkeella?”
“No studata,” replied Kaj, “not to be afraid.”
“All right, tomorrow to work.”


Karppinen Neon Ltd announces it will seek neonasentajaa, “preferably in your own car”. Kaj acquired a van and he had a wander around as Finnish.

“During these trips I moved a lot with Markku Koskenniemi. Markku was full of vigor guy. Speech came the creation of his own company, and we decided that yes, we kind of company will be up somewhere, “recalls Kaj forty years later.


Four professional men, accompanied by Kaj Lundqvist, Markku Koskenniemi, Harri Koskinen and Matti Partanen set up Tammerneon Oy in Tampere. Tammerneon is rapidly increasing Finland’s largest lighting company in the advertising industry.


Kaj Lundqvist and Matti Partanen decide that a little smaller is beautiful. Together with the women set up Neonelektro Oy.

The idea was to initially focus only on the production of Neon but the time was not yet ripe for such specialization. After a half years of operation, Kaj and Matti neon tubes get to know them tilanneeseen Pentti Rahilaan. Kaj and Matti receive Rahilan excited shareholding.


Pentti Rahila will Neonelektron shareholder by buying Kaj and Matin wives shares. Shareholder Pentin the advent of the company also received manufacturing rights for the manufacture of neonvalokilpien.


Tammerneon three top professionals Markku Six Lake (tinsmith), Tapio Rantala (assembly) and Esko Toikka (installation / maintenance) will enter into service, and later to become shareholders.

Kesoil Neonelektron was the first really big client. Two other major customers include Mobil, and Rautakirja. Both have been up since the early years of permanent partners Neonelektron.

The first three years in cramped rented premises Scrooge notkona known a hollow Sinivuokontiellä, Tampere, near the border. As regards facilities seemed clear that the company can accommodate the world’s pivot to operate in these areas.

“From surkeesta place is also this company started moving,” says Kaj boy Jari.

Soon it becomes clear that the construction of the new hall is inevitable.


The new hall is completed and the equipment on top of the last. Only one was missing: jobs.

“It is otherwise always observed this same phenomenon. If someone builds something new and moving to new premises, then run out of work, “Kaj Wonders.

Awkward situations entrepreneurs have been through the years one patent medicine: hard work ethic.

“The beginning was back leather job, then later gave quite a decent wage. A lot of this has got to work, and a lot has been done. The ministry of Sulla was such a good adage that “nothing more than the nature of the walrus and the work closed ‘. Work is only to seize, do not they would otherwise be done, “Pentti emphasizes.

In the 1980s

Rahilan under the leadership of Neonelektro took him a very strong growth. The staff had a terrible day almost 30 people. Lama Years reduce staff, but otherwise dealt with. Neonelektro has not been done in the history of any loss-making financial years.

Pentti never succumbed to the pursuit of quick profits. During his time in the company’s machinery is constantly updated and safety regulations in respect of being pioneers.


Kaj Lundqvist realized a long time dream to focus only on the production of neon tubes. He sold all its shares Pentti Neonelektron Rahilalle and established himself still one company, Neontarvike Oy. Neontarvike had since the beginning of the 1990s, Finland’s biggest manufacturer of neon tubes.


Jari Lundqvist, the son Kaj will work Neontarvikkeeseen immediately after the end of high school. Jari’s dreams of post-graduate courses failed in the same year the company’s needs.


Neontarvike transferred to the ownership of Jarin.

“Jari is really just one long experience in the field as I also: exactly as much as ikääkin,” says Kaj.

Son Neonmiehen is a real neonmies itself. Jari visited the father’s business roskalaatikoilla already below the age of ten, and soon made of acrylic plastic to friends, suitable for light boxes and different little things like pen stands. Immediately after high school in spring 1983 Jari had gone to work Neontarvikkeeseen.


YTD Kaj Lundqvist will retire.


The circle closes: Jari Pentti buy Rahilalta all Neonelektron shares and result in parallel also Neontarviketta.


Jari Neonelektrolle to build a new 1 500 m2 premises. Industrial Property receives “the 2008 construction Kangasalla” – a reference to the Kangasala municipality.


Neonelektro and Neontarvike merged with and at the same time Heikki Kantola and Pekka Makkonen came as shareholders. In subsequent years, the program was the planning and initiation of profitable internationalization strategy.


Investing in a computerized book series of the machine.


A Mannerheim day 4.6. a subsidiary in St. Petersburg. Makkonen to take the lead in start-up and the withdrawal of the Russian mission.


The staff confirmed sales managers to secure sustainable growth


Neonelektro 40 years. There will be Flexbright -spin off company, the idea of ​​which is to produce innovative LED valaisukalvoa.