OptIntegral Partners Showcase Project Results at ISE 2018 Congress

OptIntegral partners have been present at the Digital Signage Hall of Integrated Systems Europe Congress (ISE 2018) to disseminate the project results in the project’s final conference and showcase. During the congress, partners have connected to relevant actors in the digital signage and DOOH sector and have delivered some presentations on the project’s diverse set of TOLAE LED displays demonstrating the technology developed in the framework of the project.

“Advanced TOLAE and flexible LED displays for advertising and marketing”. conference given at ISE 2018

During the first day of the fair, Eurecat has delivered an introductory 30-minute presentation titled as Advanced TOLAE and flexible LED displays for advertising and marketing. The presentation explained the project in a generalist way and promoted partners’ demonstrations, which were done on the project’s stand, in order to raise interest and bring people to OptIntegral’s booth. The conference has been given by OptIntegral’s Technical Coordinator Eduard Piqueras at AVIXA Commercial Solutions Theatre in ISE 2018 facilities.

On February 8th, partners have organized OptIntegral Technology Innovation Conference & Showcase including presentations of the Light Pipe Display & Flexible RGB display, by Matti Koponen from NeonElektro, the glasses-free 3D TOLAE-LED display, by Tibor Balogh from Holografika, and the 2D display, by Nikolay Slavov, from Megatex. After the presentations, partners have connected to industry leaders and showcased and explained the project’s exploitable results to all visitors approaching the stand.


OptIntegral final Technology Innovation Conference and Showcase


Showcase of OptIntegral demonstrators

All four OptIntegral demonstrators have been exhibited at OptIntegral’s booth, as well as pieces of the material developed in order to be able to show and explain to visitors the manufacturing process used.

The success of OptIntegral presence at ISE 2018 has been compiled in the daily ISE publication, published and distributed every day among attendees.

Integrated Systems Europe is the world’s largest audio-visual systems integration show taking place at the RAI Amsterdam, in The Netherlands. ISE showcases the latest cutting-edge technology, products and solutions being produced both for clients and end-user professionals.


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